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Dual Meet Policies

For Families

  1. Drinking alcoholic beverages will not be allowed during the meet by spectators, parents, participants, coaches, and all meet volunteers.
  2. No smoking or vaping with e-cigarettes and no pets (unless they are service animals) are allowed on the pool deck at any time during meets or practices.
  3. No glass is permitted on the pool deck at any time during meets or practices.
  4. Volunteering is required. All families must earn 3 points in a season in order to stay in good standing with the team.

For Swimmers

  1. Attendance at any dual meet is voluntary, there are no requirements to attend dual meets.
  2. Families must inform the coaching staff of their intention or ability to attend a dual meet on the Saturday prior by 5:00 pm. This will allow the coaching staff to set the lineup of events. The coach will post the event lineup by Monday for your review. You can view completed lineups through this website.
  3. Illness can happen the day of the meet, and usually does. Please email the Head Coach if you need to change your attendance to a meet last minute. Bear in mind that it is easier for the coach to pull your swimmer out of an event last minute than to add them back in.
  4. All kids must check in with a coach as soon as they arrive at the pool. This allows the coaching staff to know who has actually shown up for the meet. Failure to do this could result in your child not being replaced on a relay.
  5. Warmups for Home Meets will start at 4:30, and Away Meets will be at 5:30. Please try to be at the pool by this time. We understand that some school schedules prevent this, so please get there as soon as possible.
  6. Please make sure your swimmer has plenty of water. It can be very hot in the late summer afternoons, and we don't want any swimmers getting sick.
  7. Swimmer's age group is defined by his or her age on June 1st of the current TSA swim season.
  8. Swimmers are not permitted to wear a cap bearing the name of any team other than the Eagle Ridge Soaring Eagles, i.e. no year-round team caps are allowed at dual meets. Vanity caps are permitted.
  9. Under no circumstance is a swimmer to be in a vehicle with a coach or assistant coach unless they are related or unless the swimmer's parent is in the same vehicle.
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